Bush Shootout


The highly requested Bush Shootout game has finally been added to the site!

Happy Gaming!
I have added a new forum tab. You can use the forum to ask questions, make suggestions, or even contact us to say hi! Please keep it age appropriate; some younger children also use this site.

For a list of newly added games, this page will still be used.

Don't forget to say hi under the Visitor Center tab! Over 2,500 people visit this site daily. It would be really cool to get a big list of people going.
I have reviewed most of the recent game requests and have added a few more to the list!

They include:
- Apple Shooter
- The Impossible Quiz
- The Impossible Quiz 2
- The Last Stand ( I could not add Last Stand 2, Union City or Dead Zone because of copy right stuff)
- Potty racers 2 ( I had complications with Potty Racers 1, 3, & 4)
- Riddle School 1
- Riddle School 2
- Riddle School 3
- Riddle School 4
- Robot Unicorn Attack
- Zombocalypse

If you requested a game and do not see it on our list, don't worry we got it! It takes hours upon hours to add these games to the website and we might not get to your game right away. Please be patient!

I have added a new page for you guys to say hi! You simply fill out the form with your name and city/country you live in, and you can see your name and location displayed! Something cool to see where everyone is from that visits this site. Your name will not appear instantly so please give it a day or two.

Don't forget to right down gameswhileyoustudy@gmail.com! That way you can still contact us if this website gets banned from your school! If it does, we may be able to edit the url and get it back and running for you and all of your friends!
Since the new school year has started myself and Roy have been pretty busy - him with college and myself with the Air Force. We will continue to add games to the site when we have the time. Remember to send us a message with games you want on this site under the "Request a Game" tab!

Back in Business


Well its been over a year since we have touched this site. We didn't realize it was getting so many views! More games will be added and the inappropriate comments erased.

We are looking at all of the game requests and trying our best to add every game. A list of newly added games will be posted soon.

Newly added games so far:
- Achievement Unlocked 1
- Achievement Unlocked 2
- Achievement Unlocked 3
- Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion Pack
- Bubble Trouble 1
- Bubble Trouble 2
- Cargo Bridge
- Crush the Castle
- Elephant Quest
- The Fancy Pants Adventures World 2
- Flight of the Hampster
- Line Rider
- ShellShock Live
- ShellShock Live 2
- Snake
- Stick War
- Super Mario Flash
- Thing Thing 1-4
- Thing Thing Arena 1-3

Thank you for using this site and don't forget to request a game you would love to see!
I added a small unique visitor counter over to the side, for anyone interested in how popular the site actually becomes.

We plan on adding a new games tab, so that you can visit the website and check out our recent additions instead of going through the drop down or games page to see.
If you are referred to this page, please pass it along to all of your friends!

We are looking for suggestions; either for the website name, the games on the website, the layout, etc. We have made this website for you! Don't forget to request a game in the "Request A Game" tab at the top of your screen!




If you have reached this page, you are bored at school and want to play games! Enjoy!

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